Kevlar Rope

  • Kevlar rope/Ultra-high strength/Lower elongation/Resistant to aging

    Kevlar rope/Ultra-high strength/Lower elongation/Resistant to aging


    The Kevlar rope used for mooring is a kind of composite rope, which is braided from arrayan core material with low helix angle, and the outer layer is tightly braided by extremely fine polyamide fiber, which has high abrasion resistance, to obtain the greatest strength-to-weight ratio.

    Kevlar is an aramid; aramids are a class of heat-resistant, durable synthetic fibers. These qualities of strength and heat resistance make Kevlar fiber an ideal construction material for certain types of rope. Ropes are essential industrial and commercial utilities and have been since before recorded history.

    The low helix angle braiding technology minimizes the downhole breaking elongation of the Kevlar rope. The combination of the pre-tightening technology and the corrosion-resistant two-color marking technology makes the installation of downhole instruments more convenient and accurate.

    The special weaving and reinforcement technology of the Kevlar rope keeps the rope from falling off or fraying, even in harsh sea conditions.