Mini Wave Buoy GRP(Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic) Material Fixable Small Size Long Observation Period Real-time Communication to Monitor Wave Period Height Direction

Short Description:

Mini Wave Buoy can observe the wave data in short-term by the way of short-term fixed-point or drifting , providing stable and reliable data for Ocean scientific research, such as wave height, wave direction, wave period and so on. It can also be used to obtain section wave data in ocean section survey,and the data can be sent back to the client through Bei Dou, 4G, Tian Tong, Iridium and other methods.

Product Detail

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Small size, long observation period, real-time communication.

Technical Parameter

Measurement Parameter




Wave height




Wave period




Wave direction




Wave parameter

1/3wave height(effective wave height)、1/3wave period(effective wave period); 1/10wave height、1/10wave period;average wave height、average wave period; max wave height、max wave period;wave direction.
Note:1.The basic version supports effective wave height and effective wave period outputing;

2.The standard and professional version support 1/3wave height(effective wave height)、1/3wave period(effective wave period); 1/10wave height、1/10wave period outputing; average wave height、average wave period; max wave height、max wave period;wave direction。

3. The professional version supports the wave spectrum outputing.

Expandable Monitoring Parameters

Surface temperature, salinity, air pressure, noise monitoring, etc.

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